Manual Non-Woven Bag Making Machine

In that type of machine bag is sealing with the help of ultrasonic system. In this machine we can regulate its Power according to material thickness. And the frequency can be changed automatically in Manual Bag Sealing Machine. 
The machine runs stable, operation is easy and common worker can operate the machine, or any Worker can operate easily without any getting problem Manual Sealing Machine. 

Non-woven fabrics ultrasonic welding machine with high speed motor and rotary lace fully automatic seamer machine. we can make various type and different size of non-woven bags.

Types of Non-Woven Bags 
1-shopping bags. 
3-flat port bags. 
4-clothing bags. 
5-shoes bags, and other products packaging bags. 

This Machine is an optical choice for the non-woven bag making and to the production of non-woven environment friendly bags. 

Manual Non-Woven bag Making Machine OS-U200 

Working Speed 0-20m/min
Pattern Mould 0-70 mm
Size of Machine 1300 × 6500 × 1500 mm
Weight 120 kg

Sample of Non Woven Bag


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