Half Feed Combine Harvester

Half Feed Combine harvester, air-blower with shacking sieves cleaning system, water cooled 2 cylinder, rated rotating speed-2400rpm,engine power-35HP,rubber track-350x90x42mm Minimum ground clearance-170mm. Cutting width 1200mm and harvesting efficiency 0.15-0.2 hectare per hour, threshing type-Axil flow Arch-Shaped tooth downward threshing, and rice unloading type - Manual.

Half Feed Combine Harvester Model No. - OS-4LBZ-110(Discontinue)

Dimension (mm) 2590×1330×2010
Weight (KG) 950
Cutting Width (mm) 1100
Institutional form Riding
Feeding Capacity (Kg/s) 1.0
Cutting Efficiency (m2/h) 2000 - 3000
Voltage (V) 12
Broken Rate Less then 2 %
Trash Rate Less then 2 %
Total Lose Rate Less then 3 %
Hight of Cutting (mm) 600 - 1250
Stubble Height (mm) 60 - 300
Track Width (mm) 250
Engine Type 192 F Diesel
Power (Kw/Hp) 18

Half Feed Combine harvester Model No. - OS-4LBZ-120

Weight (KG) 1480
Working Efficiency (hm2/h) 0.15 - 0.2
Dimension (mm) 3860×1800×1820
Engine Type Water cooled, 2 Cylinder, Vertical diesel
Rotating Speed (Per/min) 2400
Average fuel (L) 21.42 - 28.56
Rubber Track (mm) 350×90×42
Average Ground Pressure 17.5
Driving Speed (Km/h) 5.4
Cutting Bar Length (mm) 1200
Threshing type Axial Flow Arch-Shaped tooth downward threshing
Rice Unloading Type Manual

Half Feed Combine Harvester Model No-OS-4LBZ-150BT

Dimension (mm) 4310x1970x2340
Machine Weight (KG) 3220
Cutting Width (mm) 1450
Cutting Row (mm) 4 Rows
Feeding Capacity (Kg/s) 1.0
Working Efficiency (hectare/h) 0.27~0.47
Minimum Ground Clearance(mm) 190
Threshing type Axial FLow,Spike Tooth
Grain Unloading Automatic
Total Lose Rate Less then 3 %
Stubble Height (mm) 650 - 1300
Engine Type Water Cool,Diesel Engine
Power (Hp/rpm) 70/2400
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