Fogging Machine

Mini Fogging Machine MODEL NO.- OS-F03

Main technical index
Dimension of Carrier Tank : 2.5 L
Whole weight : 2 Kg
Dimension of Chemical Tank : 0.4 L
Size : 620 × 180 × 370 (mm)
Brief technical indes
OS-F03 gas powered dual-use sprayer is a multifunctional fog genetaror, it can be set spraying effect according to different enviroment and chemicals. By enlarging types of chemicals to be used, it is with wider  applications. It's widely used for killing all kinds of pets, such as fly, mosquito, cockroach etc in warehouse, park, apartment, factory, campground, cattle barn and pig stay etc.

Fogging Machine MODEL NO.- OS-80K

Technical Specifications:
Work Environment The temperature is between100-350 Ignition power 12V rechargeable battery
Air humidity 30-80% Max Spraying volume 90L/h, 20-50Mu/h
Oil Consumption Average 3.6 liter per hour Packaging size 1330-410-330(mm)
Tank capacity 15L Empty Weight 10.3Kg
Dimensions 1278x235x358mm Use of fuel Petrol
Þ Manual Start+ Electric start-Start more concenient.
Þ 304 stainless steel Material, sturdy and durable
Þ The 15L capacity springing, thick and durable, 3 years shelf life.
Þ 360 degree swivel spray-Upright does not stall.
Þ This product uses Aerial spraying pulse technology, reliable quality, Low failure rate, Easy to earn and operate. At present, this machine is the most lightweight  and latest in similar products. This product is not limited to regional areas.
Charger 1Pcs Gas Mask 1Pcs Instruc on 1Pcs
Stainless steel diaphragm 2Pcs Funnel 2Pcs Maintenance tool 1Set
Spark Plugs 1Pcs