Textile Machines

Rapier Loom OS-747

This machine is applicable for weaving blended yarn, fancy yarn, crepe yarn, natural
fabric, cotton, wool and linen. 
There are two shedding methods:-
Dobby shedding and jacquard shedding. Color choice can reach 6kinds. This machine has
reasonable design, precise making, convenient operation and low maintenance rate.

    Reed Space: 180,200,230,250,260,330,340(cm). Special demands for the design can be met
Main Technical Characteristic and Parameter
Reed width (cm) 180 (74"), 200 (78"), 230(90"), 250(98"), 280(220"), 330(130"), 340(133"), 360(141")
Rotation speed (R.P.M)) 210 -130
Weft selection 6 colors
Yarn Count Catton 7-60 Ne  Wool 12-100Nm  Chemical fabric  100-650D
Dia. Of warp beam (mm) 600
Dia. Of rolling-up(mm) 400
Number of heddle frame 16 Pages
Insertion rate (m/min) 300-400
Electrical control P.L.C
Motor power (KW) 1.5-1.8 KW
Overall size (mm) 180 = 3900 × 1827 × 1800   360 = 5700 × 1827 × 1800
Weight 180 = 1700 Kg    360 = 2200 Kg

Type Series OS-736B

Integrating the feature of model Sj758 Rapier loom and other imported and domestic rapier
looms. Sj736B rapier loom is specially designed for weaving heavy fabrics.

  • Independent let-off worm wheel box, can assure transmission moment
  • Large capacity cloth roller device, cloth-falling speed can increase one time
  • Movement by short swinging arm, can increase the speed by 25%
  • Large model beam flange, the volume weaving warp can increase by 30% cloth take up
  • device adopt continuous taking up, can enhance fabric.
Type Series OSJ736B
Main Technical Characteristic and Parameter
Reed width (mm) 2800 mm
Motor Power 2.2 Kw (440V 3 Phase)
Weft accumulator 6 Pcs Normal
Cloth roller 1.5 pcs
Warpbeam 1.5 pcs
Color Section 6 Color
Rapier & belt 2 seats

Electronic Jacquard OS-508

YS508 Electronic Jacquard Ioom is applicable to be used with Rapier loom, Air-jet Loom and Projectile Loom. It can real time control jacquard weaving, The flower shape can be modified on the spot, the data transmission is reliable and high-speed, thus it can be  applied in weaving jacquard fabrics of all kinds

Main Technical Characteristic and Parameter
Shedding Double lift of open shedding, Clear
Max Shedding Height 66 - 119 mm
Contron Type Electronic Control
Number of Needle 1344 Stitches, 2688 Stitches, 6144 Stitches
Max Speed Applicable 600 Rotations / Min
Drive Mode Transmission trough close gearbox and universal vertical shaft.
Overall Size (mm) 1344 = 1430 × 1500 × 900   2688 = 2200 × 1500 × 900
Weight 1344 = 1210 Kg    2688 =  1655 Kg


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