Non Woven Flat Bag Making Machine

This machine is electro-mechanical integrative, once-through fully automatic forming, touch screen operation is applied, photo-electric trace, computerized deviation rectifying function, hence accuracy and smooth. Such automatic devices as slotted, in the high efficiency, and in firm appearance after welding. 
 This machinery is an optical choice for the non-woven bag making enterprises and businessman devoted the production of nonwoven environment-friendly bags. 
1.Local touch-screen computer configured to operate.
2.Aritararyily set a long-step electric trace, a smooth, lost support from the standard parking. 
3.Feed of automatic shutdown, auto-pouch. 
4.While at the end of the roll-ultrasonic welding, in particular, solid, smooth. 
5.While cutting edge automatic closure, automatic nesting.   


 In the process, the machine takes nonwoven as raw material. This machinery can produce nonwoven bags of various sizes and shapes, 
such as non-woven shopping bags. 

Reticles bags. 
Flat port bags.
Clothing bag.
Shoes bag.
Box bag and other products packaging bags.  


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