Clay Brick Making Machine Production Line

Minimal Prodcution Line

Simple Production Line

Basic Production Line

Fully Automatic Clay brick making machine(Normal Line)

Box Feeder

Box Feeder is one of feeder’s equipment’s which balances and rations the materials that you feed in that box. Our company has step-type plate box feeder, step-type belt conveyor box feeder, continual belt conveyor box feeder and other form and specification box feeders which can apply for different material.
Item Unit OS 120×5 OS 80×4 OS 70×3 OS 60×3 OS 50×2
Capacity M3/h 15-60 10-50 10-40 10-30 10-25
Width of belt mm 1200 800 700 700 500
Length M 5 4 3 3 2
Power Kw 11 7.5 7.5 7.5 4

Roller Crusher

The brick roller crusher is used for crushing the raw materials such as clay, coal gangue Etc. The brick roller crusher is one kind of series auxiliary brick making machines. If you use the double roll crusher, it can crush the big block clay into more finely clay, moreover it also can crush the small stone into granularity, so the quality of clay bricks is very high.
Item Unit 500×400 600×500 800×600
Feed inlet granularity Mm 300-600 300-600 300-600
Discharge inlet granularity Mm 3 3 3
Capacity M3/hour 15-20 20-30 25-35
Motor kw 7.5×2 11×2 15×2

Double Shaft Mixer

The Double shaft mixer is mainly used to mix the shale, coal gangue, and slag etc. thoroughly by its two screw blade shafts. 
The min wearing parts are alloy wear-resistant material, and the mixing shaft has been heat treated, making the machine have a long service life and reducing its cost. Double shaft mixer is also applicable to the steaming fly ash brick production line, 
the aerated concrete block production line, and the clay brick vacuum extruder production line, chemical and mineral industry etc.
Model OS2000 OS2500 OS3000 OS3500
Width 700mm 700mm 700mm 850mm
Mixing Length 2mm 2.5mm 3mm 3.5mm
Capacity 20-25m3/h 20-25m3/h 30-35m3/h 35-40m3/h
Motor 11kw 22kw 30kw 37kw

Conveyor Belt

There are two type of conveyor belt are used in OSAKA green clay logo brick making machine line. One is forward conveyor belt and second is waste conveyor belt. Forward conveyor belt size is 8X0.7M and waste conveyor belt size is 6.4X0.5M .
Conveyor belt can be used connecting brick machine and brick equipment, feeding clay raw material from one machine to second equipment. 
 The conveyor is using tape or strap and traction mechanism and bearing mechanism of a continuous motion type transport equipment

Rotary Logo Clay Brick Making Machine

Osaka Rotary logo clay brick machine is specially designed for South Asian countries including India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Pakistan. 

This machine produces clay logo bricks integrative to be instead of extrusion , strip cutting , brick stamping. The green brick will be better than the stamping cutting way .

 So if you want a small brick plant business, this machine can help you save investment cost.
Capacity 4000-6000 Pcs/H Speed of rotation 4.706 rpm
Diameter of motor 1100 mm Oversize Dimensions 3300*1600*2300 mm
Mould Quantity 15-17 pcs per round Weight 5 T

Our Advantage

  • Compact structure , save power, convenient operation , small area, multi-functions as a whole. easy install and maintain. Feeding mixture and conveying as a whole.
  • waste brick and clay recycle automatically ., bigger diameter of roller ,larger capacity.
  • Adopt clutch , and operation is very convenient . When shortage of clay material in the short time or emergency happen ,the machine can stop immediately .( but the motor still works, in this case , it can avoid to switch motor for many times and save more power and be more safe)
  • Rotors adopt gear principle . Operation is very steady and reliable .
  • The extruding part is our own mature product . It is steady and easy moving . Our original extruder capacity can reach 6,000 bricks/h to 8,000 bricks/h .
  • This machine just change the extruding part based on our own original machine . Our conservative estimated capacity can reach 4,000 bricks/h to 6,000 bricks/h . It should be absolutely no problem
  • The mould adopt wear-resistance material with heating treatment . It increases life-span . Spring installation can adjust brick size . Cylinder can be opened and the trowel is floating , so the maintain is very easy . It applies widely in many kinds of field .
  • We can continue develop it according to the client’s request .

Air Compressor

Power 2.2KW
Size 1.2×0.4×0.8
Weight 190kg

Control Cabinet

Size 0.5×0.4×1.2M
Weight 190kg


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