Fogging Machine

OS-F03 gas powered dual-use sprayer is a multi-functional fog generator, it can be set spraying effect according to different environment and chemicals. By enlarging types of chemicals to be used, it is with wider  applications. It's widely used for killing all kinds of pets, such as fly, mosquito, cockroach etc in warehouse, park, apartment, factory, campground, cattle barn and pig stay etc.

Mini Fogging Machine Model No.- OS-F03 (Discontinue)

Main technical index
Dimension of Carrier Tank : 2.5 L
Whole weight : 2 Kg
Dimension of Chemical Tank : 0.4 L
Size : 620 × 180 × 370 (mm)
Brief technical ides

Fogging Machine (Special Edition) is acceptable for working in temperature between - 10 degrees to 35 degree. this is high working effectiveness, high executing rate, huge splashing range, solid infiltration and high security factor hazing machine. This can be utilized for Factories,home,private property, Garage, Automobile sector and small and big warehouse area, railway stations, airplane,plants and so forth.
Fogging machine use diesel fuel, pulse-based engine work generated when the heat and pressure jet from the nozzle exit high-speed jet, open the valve, the pressure within the chemical box to the explosive medicine pipe pressure, and heat High-speed airflow mixed, the instant of encounter, the liquid is crushed atomized into a mist-like spray from the nozzle, and rapidly spread, when the any object or insect mosquitos contact with that smoke ,so as the role to Kill or sterilize.


Fogging Machine Model No.- OS-80K and OS-80G

Technical Specifications:
Work Environment The temperature is between100-350 Ignition power 12V rechargeable battery
Air humidity 30-80% Max Spraying volume 90L/h, 20-50Mu/h
Oil Consumption Average 3.6 liter per hour Packaging size 1330-410-330(mm)
Tank capacity 15L Empty Weight 10.3Kg
Dimensions 1278x235x358mm Use of fuel Petrol
Manual Start+ Electric start-Start more concenient.
304 stainless steel Material, sturdy and durable
The 15L capacity springing, thick and durable, 3 years shelf life.
360 degree swivel spray-Upright does not stall.
Charger 1Pcs Gas Mask 1Pcs Instruction 1Pcs
Stainless steel diaphragm 2Pcs Funnel 2Pcs Maintenance tool 1Set
Spark Plugs 1Pcs
ULV Fogging machine is Automatic Hospital Sanitizing Machine : Osaka Disinfectant Machine is used for fogging all types of water based disinfectant in closed rooms. This ULV Fogger machine breaks the disinfecting liquid (or water based solution) into very fine particles, which remain suspended in the air for a long time.

That ulv Sanitizing Machine when used with the right disinfectant ensures proper fumigation of closed spaces. On/off On Handle For Convenience Easy to maintenance and easy to operate. high pressure nozzle cover long distance. It consume less power and droplet is smaller due to that without any harm on product or object, reliable and value for money.
Technical Specifications:
Model No. OS-ULV2000V
Tank Capacity 20Ltr
Rotation 2500rpm
Flow Rate (max) 0.3l/Min
Droplet Size 5.20micron
Horizontal Rage 10mtr
Dimension(cm) 62*25*43
Power 2.2kw
Gross Weight 5.15kg
Net Weight 4.5kg



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